Personal Injury

A doctor examining an xray.

Accidents Happen

Accidents usually take us by surprise, but they can happen any time—while driving, doing housework, enjoying a vacation, or just working at your job. Injuries can be caused by a vehicle, someone's pet, or something in the environment, like an uneven sidewalk. Common accident-related injuries include head/brain, neck/spinal cord, back, bone fractures, nerve damage or paralysis, pregnancy/birth, soft tissue, and joint/ligament injuries.

Lasting Repercussions of Injuries

After suffering an injury caused by someone else's carelessness, your daily life can change significantly. You may suffer financial strain from missing work, accumulating medical expenses, or replacing destroyed property, such as a vehicle. You may suffer both emotionally and physically from chronic pain related to your injury.

For legal purposes, injuries are categorized as minor, moderate, severe, and catastrophic. Depending on the cause of the injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation under Maryland personal injury law. Retaining a personal injury attorney to secure that financial compensation allows you to focus on what's most important — healing and regaining your strength.

I Will Fight For You

If you have been the victim of an injury due to another person's negligence, contact me for a free consultation. I am a skilled and experienced Maryland trial attorney, and I am more than willing to take your case to trial if a settlement isn't obtainable. Let me help you get the medical benefits and compensation you are entitled to by law. I handle all personal injury, auto accident, and workers' compensation cases on a contingency fee. This means you are protected from any unnecessary financial loss.

I have offices throughout Maryland and Washington D.C., and I am prepared to help accident victims all over the state, including Collumbia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Salisbury, Clinton, Frederick, Silver Spring, Wheaton, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Rockville, Upper Marlboro, College Park and Bowie.

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